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Have you been injured in an accident due to the neglect or misbehaviour of someone else, and are wondering if you’re entitled to compensation? Neumann & Associates should be your first call. We understand how hard it can be suffering from the physical or psychological results of an accident for you or a loved one. We’re here to help recover compensation and make the process as easy as possible for you, so that you can move forward with life without hardship.

Abbotsford Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers

At Neumann & Associates, we offer fast, efficient legal services to bring you peace after a car accident in Abbotsford.

We focus on personal injury cases because we are passionate about helping car accident victims make a full recovery–and honestly, we believe you deserve better when it comes to dealing with ICBC and working with injury lawyers in Abbotsford.

Our Approach to dealing with ICBC and Personal Injury Claims

At Neumann & Associates, we do personal injury law a little differently.

We believe that you should not suffer twice after an accident. What does that mean?

In addition to the pain and distress caused by an accident or injury, many BC personal injury victims suffer through a lengthy legal process that can drag out the personal injury lawsuit for years. That’s years in which injury victims have to relive the incident, keeping details sharp in their mind in case they need to testify. Years in which there’s no resolution to a painful chapter in their lives. Years in which accident victims and their loved ones can’t move forward to a healthy future. All because their attorneys are slow to move through the legal process.

Our personal injury attorney in Abbotsford believes in moving quickly to get accident victims and their loved ones not only the compensation and care they deserve, but the closure that helps put this painful chapter behind them. We know how stressful it is to wait and wonder what’s going to happen with your case. Over months and years the ongoing stress from an unresolved legal battle can strain your recovery.

When we take on a new client, we dig deep into the facts of the matter to build the strongest possible case. We press hard in the courtroom, so we can get the matter resolved faster than other Abbotsford injury lawyers. We continue to fight for you through any obstructions or setbacks that come your way.

When you’re represented by an Abbotsford accident lawyer at Neumann & Associates, you’ve got more than an injury lawyer. You’ve got an ally who will never stop fighting for you.

How Our ICBC Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers in Abbotsford Can Help

Neumann & Associates handles all kinds of personal injury cases in British Columbia, including:

  • Auto accidents and ICBC claims
  • Logging road accidents
  • Snowmobile accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Dirt bike accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip & falls
  • Dog bites
  • Class action litigation
  • Whiplash and soft tissue injuries
  • Spinal Cord injury
  • Brain injury

In response to recent British Columbia and ICBC law changes, Neumann & Associates has developed a new way of approaching personal injury claims that allows us to best advocate for your rights under the law. Our innovative approach means you can rely on our Abbotsford injury lawyers to fight for your rights under BC law while shielding you from the emotional trauma of reliving the accident in trial.

At Neumann & Associates, we consider ourselves a people-oriented law firm, where you come first. That perspective shapes the way we do business. It’s why we’re available seven days a week, whenever you need us. It’s why we come to you. It’s why we operate digitally and send forms instantaneously–so there’s no waiting for something to come in the mail.

While our legal process moves much faster than at other firms, you’ll always enjoy a personal touch from an Abbotsford personal injury attorney who is passionate about protecting your safety. Our attorneys handle motor vehicle accidents and personal injury claims directly. We don’t pass things off to a legal support team but remain involved in your case until it’s settled and always keep you informed on what’s happening behind the scenes.

We operate on a contingent fee model, which means you pay nothing upfront for legal representation. You pay only if we obtain results–and then, only once you’ve received the settlement to which you’re entitled. This allows you to focus on rest and recovery while we advocate for you.
We’ve developed a track record for obtaining settlements in cases where other ICBC lawyers were unable to deliver. We’ve also developed a track record for big wins on behalf of our personal injury clients. We don’t say this to brag, but to illustrate that we keep our promises to our clients and never stop fighting to obtain a favourable outcome.

Experience the Neumann & Associates Difference

We say we’re different from other accident attorneys in Abbotsford. Now we invite you to experience that difference for yourself with a free consultation. This is your opportunity to talk about what happened, get some free legal advice, find out how we’d approach a lawsuit, and get answers to your questions over what comes next. Visit our office in downtown Vancouver or enjoy our mobile legal service, where we’ll come to you–anywhere in Abbotsford or the Fraser Valley.

To set up your free consultation, call 604.646.4061 or email us at

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Some of the accident types that we specialize in are:

  • Slip & Fall
  • Construction Accidents
  • Motor Vehicle 
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Dog Bite Accidents

If you’ve experienced an injury related to one of the accident types listed above, there’s a good chance that you’re entitled to compensation. N&A is dedicated to helping its clients recover costs they incur such as i) medical costs ii) costs for pain & suffering iii) other costs of rehabilitation iv) costs of future care.

Accidents are commonplace in Abbotsford, and when you, a family member, or a loved one has found themselves dealing with the aftermath of an accident, N&A is here to help.

Abbotsford Personal Injury Attorneys – Don’t compromise on representation

Neumann & Associates has built a reputation for ourselves that’s unprecedented in Abbotsford.

Our team is available around the clock and also offer mobile service to help every client with their unique situation as we’ve seen and helped victims recover maximum compensation for a variety of different injuries.

We’ve built our reputation by winning cases where others couldn’t, and we’re known in Abbotsford for getting our clients the maximum amount of compensation based on their unique situation.

If you believe you deserve compensation for an injury you’ve sustained, contact our office at any time at (604) 646-4061. We’re available at all times for a 100% free consultation, so that when you need a personal injury lawyer in Abbotsford you can count on us to be there to serve you

What are my rights as an accident victim?

Understanding your rights as an accident victim is an important first step in the process to getting compensated for your injury. We at N&A pride ourselves on being the Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyers in Abbotsford. We focus on every client’s individual situation, helping them understand exactly what their rights are, from the beginning of the process to the very end, whether that be by either a negotiated settlement or trial .

We work on an entirely contingent basis, so you don’t pay anything out of pocket, and we’re only paid when we win your case. Below are some of the values that every attorney at N&A lives by:

  • Treating every client with respect at all times. Each of our clients are people at the end of the day, they’re not a case number. Our focus is on helping you get compensated for your injuries, which is why we work on a contingency only basis.
  • Trust – if there are aspects of the case that aren’t clear, we’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt. Our attorneys are the top rated in Abbotsford, and we pride ourselves on never judging a client’s particular situation. No matter what your accident is, or what type of injuries you’ve sustained, you can be confident that we’ll be there for you throughout the entire process to make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Settle your case on your own terms. We are always happy to settle the case, as soon as you’re ready. You will never feel pressure, and this is a choice for you to make, not us.

As an accident victim, you have many rights that aren’t typically clear or logical. You’ll likely have many questions about how the process of working through an accident claim, dealing with an insurance claim, and how you can be compensated for your injury. At N&A we are here to answer any and all questions you may have during your claim process.

We consistently strive to get the maximum compensation that you’re entitled to, no matter your situation.

We provide 100% free consultations, allowing you to meet and sit down with one of our personal injury attorneys in Abbotsford to discuss your accident.

Areas of expertise

Our attorneys have helped thousands of clients recover what they’re entitled to, in a range of different accident types.

We have helped clients get compensated for hundreds of different types of injury’s, in thousands of cases. Here are the most common areas of practice in which we specialize, where we’ve won fair compensation for our clients in Abbotsford:

  • Auto/Vehicle Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Dog Bite Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Slip & Fall Injury’s

Contact with one of our experienced Personal Injury attorneys in Abbotsford today for a free consultation. Call now to setup a meeting to discuss your injury:

(604) 646-4061

Accident Questions Answered  

Have questions about the process, how it works, how much you’re entitled to, or another question?

Contact us now and we’ll walk you through each step in the process, set expectations and begin helping you get back to your life.

Call us now at (604) 646-4061 for a free consult if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in Abbotsford, or any of the following surrounding areas:

  • White Rock 
  • Mission
  • Tsawwassen
  • Ladner
  • Squamish

Our accident attorneys are standing by, waiting for your call. Let us help you get back to your life and recover the compensation that you deserve.

why choose neumann & associates law

Contingency-Based Services
You don’t pay unless we win! All of our personal injury work is done on a contingency fee basis which means you don’t pay us a dime unless we achieve a successful result for you either in the form of a settlement or court judgment. Only once we have won your case and you receive your tax-free settlement do we take any legal fees. Our rates vary on a case by case basis, so please contact us for a free evaluation of your case!
Mobile Service
We come to you! We understand it can be difficult to travel to see your lawyer, especially if you’ve been injured in an accident. At Neumann & Associates we offer mobile service to anywhere in the lower mainland as well as the Sea to Sky corridor, Vancouver Island and the interior of BC. We are also a fully digital and paperless firm and can often service our clients digitally if you are in remote parts of the province.
Unmatched Customer Care
At Neumann & Associates we pride ourselves on providing unmatched customer service. Our lawyers are available by phone 24 hours a day and we go out of our way to assists our clients in matters that are often beyond the scope of what we were originally retained for. We frequently get transfer files from other lawyers who fail to contact their clients and keep them updated. We understand how stressful legal matters can be and as a boutique firm we limit the number of clients each lawyer has in order to guarantee every client is fully cared for.